Create & Publish Flexible Rotas Online in Minutes

Easy to use, our rota software helps you create, publish and manage budgeted rotas in minutes allowing you to respond quickly to changing employee availability or business need.
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Let us show you how easy it is to create your first rota with

Gig Grafter. 

Here’s why our customers love what we do !

“GigGrafter has added structure to our scheduling process, I was able to forward plan my Christmas and New Year schedule in October, something I couldn’t have contemplated back in September.”

Gary Keenan

Owner, Bogart Menswear

GigGrafter’s Online Rota Software has delivered immediate benefits for us.  With more than 100 staff to organise across five locations, it has significantly reduced the time taken to create and manage schedules across our business.“

Giuseppe Fallone

Owner , La Dolce Vita

“Awesome work guys, GigGrafter is so easy to use. Looking forward to the next update.” 

Sjoerd Geistdorfer

Front of House Manager, The London Edition, London


Create fast and flexible rotas in minutes

Our intuitive weekly rota calendar enables you to add and assign shifts to each employee instantly.  As you build up the rota our system automatically calculates projected payroll costs including paid annual leave and local social insurances (e.g. NIC (UK) and PRSI (Ireland)).



Need to reassign shifts at short notice?

With our simple drag and drop feature you can instantly reassign a shift to the next available employee when an employee calls in sick at short notice or their availability changes unexpectedly.



Publish your rota at the touch of a button

Each employee receives instant notifications by SMS and email letting them know when they are scheduled to work.